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the craziest thing happened…

i'm visiting my family in michigan!! i was cleaning our little cabin and all of a sudden my dad says, "look what's running up the path!" so i look to find a swan walking up a path that leads to our neighbors house. i grab my camera but realize the wrong lens is on 🤦🏼‍♀️

as i put on the correct lens, the neighbors come walking up behind the swan. i'm thinking, what the heck?! i go out to the swan to take pictures and the neighbor says, "who are you guys with? your dad? grandpa?" my dad comes out then and says, "hi! whassup?"

"there's a swan with a fishing hook stuck in his mouth"

two days ago i saw the same swan in the lake while i was canoeing and i said to my dad, "we have to help!!" but it's illegal to approach swans in the wild. 😭

so anyway, i went over there with my dad and brother and the one guy has a blanket to blind and comfort the swan.

everyone was trying to catch the poor swan and throwing the blanket at him but eventually we caught him- but not at all me, my dad didn't want me helping plus i was taking photos.

once the blanket was on, we got him under control and were able to take the hook out. i'll spare you the gross details.

then he went under a dock and i didn't see him again, at least i don't think i did. but, that's my good deed for today!

photos coming soon

PS this is my dad's photo not mine

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