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Hold Up, Stop Scrolling.

I'd just like to say, through this journey, I was getting congratulations from my parents and friends. Well, yeah, obviously! What really surprised me and encouraged me were the congratulations and compliments from people I didn't even know!

I posted my photography on some other websites, and people who didn't have the slightest clue as to who I was were congratulating me and giving me compliments. They could do anything else with their life - write a best-selling novel, make a famous art piece, catch up with friends or family... you get the idea. But instead, they decided to give a random act of kindness.

When I was matting my photos, a few people said something along the lines of, "Woah, nice work!"

One kind lady came up to me and said to myself, my brother, and my dad, "Wow, these are really good!" She didn't really know who took the photos. I said, "Thanks!"

"Did you take these?"


"Wow! Great job!"

"Thanks! I'm actually about to take these to a shop to sell them, hopefully they'll get accepted."

"I'm sure they will - these are great!"

"Thank you!"

Man. I really need to work on my social skills. 70% of that conversation was me saying, "Thank you." In my defense, it did catch me by surprise. Just so you know, if that person is reading this, it did mean a lot to me. :)

P.S. I am not saying that I didn't appreciate the empowerment from my family and friends. Like, at all. Just wanted to share random acts of kindness. You're the bestest!

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