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Olivia Rose Nature

Take a Look!

These are my top pictures. I hope you like them!


I am Olivia Miller.

Recently, a lot changed for me; for one, I moved 24 hours away! About three days later, my mom and dad decided to split up. And then, middle school started! I used photography as a coping skill. Once I got into it more, I realized that I really enjoyed it!

As I mentioned before, I am a middle-school student. My dad taught me most of the stuff I know about the camera and photography itself. I didn't exactly go to school for photography or art, but does that count as homeschool? :)

My mom was also there for me every step of the way. She (as well as my dad) supported my weird interests.

I hope you take the time to at least look at my photo selection. Have a great day!

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